A Love Note in the Form of a Roald Dahl Quote About Magic

Roald Dahl magic quote

Indulge us for a moment, because this is one of our all-time favorite quotes pertaining to magic. (It probably ties the one at the top of page 94 of the 1977 Bantam paperback edition of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, which is saying a lot, because that is also a really really awesome quote. But we digress.) This quote is excerpted from Roald Dahl’s posthumously published The Minpins, although as it is with all great quotes, we care not about its context but rather that it reminds us of someone with whom we want to have never-ending adventures, someone with whom we could spend a whole lifetime traveling around the world and trying on sunglasses, someone with whom we long to pass sunny afternoons at the nobby bases of great and beautiful trees, someone with whom we dream of living in a great big house with lots of napping creatures and all the glorious sounds of a home. An Etsy seller in Chicago has typed this Roald Dahl Quote About Magic ($10) onto 6 x 6 inch cardstock using a typewriter from the 1930s, although to be frank, we have commandeered it for our own purposes today. XOXO.

Price: $10 (Buy Now)
Source: Farm Flea

A Geometric USB Drive in Walnut

Wood flash drive

Eventually all of our flash drives will lie forgotten at the bottoms of laptop bags like stray sticks of chewing gum with just a little too much lint, but in the meantime they’re still a handy way to transport chunks of data from device to device. There will always be those among us who need something more powerful, but in terms of style you can’t beat the Geometric USB Drive in Walnut ($34), also known as “The Echo” no. 1. Each 2GB drive features a magnetized cap and is painted with your choice of neon, coral, gold, or seafoam. These drives are beautiful and minimalistic – the way we like our technology.

Price: $34 (Buy Now)
Source: Son of a Sailor Supply

The Walt Whitman “Resist Much, Obey Little” Sticker

Walt Whitman Sticker: Resist much, obey little

And now, a lovely bit of anarchy. We’ll spare you the analysis and historical context of this particular Walt Whitman quote, and whether or not you would be taking it out of said context by affixing these to grocery store shelves and park benches all over town (really? a park bench?). And we’re going to spare you all of that because listen: sometimes the (slightly) nerdy girl in your life needs to know that YOU know how to have a romping good time. Slumbering Americans, we present for your perusal: The Walt Whitman “Resist Much, Obey Little” Sticker ($3).

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Source: Words I Give By

A Smiths Dress

The Smiths dress

In a North Hollywood-based Etsy shop called Vera’s Eye Candy we found these three magical dresses and spilled our morning caffeine all over the keyboard. The dresses are altered from 100% cotton men’s t-shirts, are mind-blowingly awesome, and are available in sizes x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. And, since they’re handmade to order, you can request measurement customizations.

Pictured here, from left to right:

The Smiths with Blue Peter Pan Collar ($54). Meat is Murder Dress ($54). The Smiths with White Peter Pan Collar ($54).

Kurt Vonnegut Zippo

Kurt Vonnegut Zippo

We look at a lot of Kurt Vonnegut-inspired “art” here, but much of it lacks the YES! HOLY SHIT!! factor this Kurt Vonnegut Zippo ($27) possesses. Featuring the beloved and famous Slaughterhouse Five illustration of the epitaph “Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt” by Vonnegut himself, this is a Genuine High Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter, complete with the traditional Made in the USA promise and the lifetime Zippo warranty. We’re not recommending that you smoke, but we do recommend that you’re always ready to light a fire.

Price: $27 (Buy Now)
Source: Knot Lot

Vintage Anatomy Pull-Down Chart Reproduction: Brains

Vintage anatomy poster: brains

Whether you’re a student of anatomy or a lover of the macabre, a Baton Rouge-based company specializing in quirky vintage print reproductions may come in handy when you’re searching for wall decor. Pictured here is the Vintage Anatomy Pull Down Chart Reproduction: Brains ($50). The pull-down aspect is fake (or: faux), although the 14″ x 17.5″ poster is printed on textured canvas and the trim is made of dark-stained wood. No framing is required – all you need to display this on your wall is a nail or hook.

Price: $50 (Buy Now)
Source: Curious Prints

Hardcover Silhouette Earrings

Book Siilhouette Earrings

Like the idea of book earrings but want a more streamlined design? So did we. And then we found Aroha Silhouettes’ Hardcover Silhouette Earrings ($55). Made from stainless steel with a matte black powder finish, these sleek earrings measure 1.2 x 1.4 inches at their widest points, yet they are given the perception of depth by optical illusion. Proudly display your love for books even when you’re wearing a cocktail dress.

Price: $55 (Buy Now)
Source: Aroha Silhouettes

Literary T-Shirts

Literary T-Shirts

There’s a little company based in New York called Out of Print Clothing, and their mission is to spread the joy of reading through t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and other accessories. Featuring iconic – and often out of print – book covers, their products caught our eye and we dallied around their website and decided we really, really liked this group of book nerds. Their website even has a bookshelf page, offering a peek at what their staff is currently reading, plans to read next, and has just completed reading. Pictured here are the Slaughterhouse Five T-Shirt ($28, above left) featuring a first edition dust jacket design by Paul Bacon, and the Atlas Shrugged T-Shirt ($28, above right) from the first edition cover by George Salter. We know more than one bibliophile who will be delighted to see this.

Price: $28 (Buy Now)
Source: Out of Print Clothing

Periodic Table Cutting Board

Periodic table cutting board

If the (slightly) nerdy girl in your life loves science and likes to cook – or at least is in dire need of something other than a plate on which to dice the occasional onion – look no further than the Periodic Table Engraved Wood Cutting Board ($55). Measuring 11.5 x 15.5 inches and available in maple, white oak, walnut, and beech, this cutting board is shipped already gift-wrapped in poly lined “kraft” paper and bound with twine. And here’s a fun, nerdy bit: you get to personalize the 118th element Ununoctium, if it pleases you. Be sure to give yourself a little lead time when ordering as these are crafted to order.

Price: $55 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Bookcase Bed

Bookcase bed

One can tell a great deal about a person by the books kept in their bedroom. Oh, the home library may be filled with delicious reference books, requisite classics, and the best modern writing available, but the books that get to live in the bedroom are generally the books closest to the reader’s heart. Display those in style with the American Drew Tribecca Queen Bookcase Bed ($1,370). Accent lighting, sliding doors, and a design drawing heavily on Art Deco and Asian influences work together to create a stylish bibliophile’s resting place. We suppose you could put a lot of statues and vases on the shelves like the promotional photo, but we’d put way more books.

Price: $1,370 (Buy Now)
Source: Home Click