Cthulhu’s Lantern Block Print

Cthulhu's Lantern Block Print

The editorial review process for She Likes Brains is sometimes a groaning, laborious one. However, this Cthulhu’s Lantern Block Print ($20) immediately jumped out as a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL – and underpriced! – must-have for the (slightly) nerdy people we know. This print is part of a limited edition run originally available only through the RAW Artists Nashville Event last October, and the artist is selling the handful of remaining prints on Etsy. The print features a hand-carved and hand-painted design on 12.5 x 19 inch cover stock. Get it while it’s hot – they’re almost gone.

Price: $20 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Bartlet for President Screen Print

West Wing Print: Bartlet for President

Enjoying the recent availability of The West Wing for streaming on Netflix? You may want to make two purchases right away: First – if you don’t already own one – your very own copy of the U.S. Constitution. And second, this signed and numbered limited edition two-color Bartlet for President Screen Print ($65). A fan in the UK made 100 of these prints on high quality, acid-free 220 gsm Fabriano Rosaspina art stock. Measuring approximately 20″ x 28″, the print will serve as a great conversation piece when you’re not busy working your way through the 156 episodes of awesome now at your beck and call.

Price: $65 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

(Slightly) Nerdy Holiday Tree Ornaments

(Slightly) Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is expanding our ever-growing selection of (slightly) nerdy holiday tree ornaments.

Official Doctor Who Ornament ($18). Pokemon Ball ($3). Wuthering Heights Ornament ($28). UFO ($20). Petri Dish ($18). Video Game Controller Ornament Set ($20). Disney’s “Star Wars” Holiday Ornament Set ($40). TARDIS ($8). Retro Science Fiction Ray Gun ($20). Star Trek Shirt ($16). Word Nerd Ornament ($10). Hand-Painted Nebula ($25).

Sonic Screwdriver Programmable Remote

Doctor Who sonic screwdriver programmable remote control

At last! A sonic screwdriver attainable by the general public that actually does something useful! Released just in time for Season 7 (dinosaurs on a spaceship, anyone?), the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote ($100) is a fully functioning programmable infrared remote control that uses your gestures to do all sorts of clever things. The remote even makes the appropriate sound effects, although you can run it in stealth mode if that drives your roommates nuts. This may possibly be the most awesome officially-licensed Doctor Who paraphernalia we’ve ever seen, so don’t even think about making us wait until Christmas.

Price: $100 (Buy Now)
Source: ThinkGeek

R2-D2 Apron

R2-D2 Apron

We love it when nerdy meets stylish. For the (slightly) nerdy pastry chef in your life, Haute Mess Threads offers this splendid Star Wars-inspired R2-D2 Apron ($75). The aprons are made to order from 100% white cotton, and the design features black bows, royal blue accents, and adjustable halter straps.

Price: $75 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

No Place Like

No Place Like

If you’re confused, sorry. In English it means, “There’s no place like localhost.” See, if you’re using a loopback interface… ah, nevermind. Measuring 2′ x 3′, this door/floor mat with the phrase “There’s No Place Like″ ($40) is perfect for use either indoors or out. Just be careful, because if you put this outside your apartment door, your neighbors might start coming to you with all of their computer questions. And then you’ll have to get a new one that says: “RTFM, dudes.”

Price: $40 (Buy Now)
Source: ThinkGeek

Pacman Pillow Cushions

Pacman pillow cushion

We at She Likes Brains believe that all couches become more awesome with Pacman pillow cushions. Even a hand-me-down couch whose teal corduroy upholstery is disguised by an awkwardly draped bed sheet. An Etsy shop called Star Gallery offers the pair: Pacman ($80; pictured here) and Ghost ($80). These hand-crafted pillows are made from synthetic velvet fabric and are stuffed with polyester filling. Pacman and Ghost are sold separately, although they belong together on your couch.

Price: $80 each (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Mad Friends T-Shirt

Mad Hatter t-shirt

And here’s another gift for the (slightly) nerdy lover of literary nonsense. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Mad Friends t-shirt ($24) takes a more fiendish approach to the Mad Hatter and company. This t-shirt design is from the delightful illustrator Jesse E. Larson, whose playfully dark work is hopefully the sign of wonderful things to come, and not merely a case of sheer madness.

Price: $24 (Buy Now)
Source: RedBubble

The Jumblies

The Jumblies by Edward Lear, Illustrated by Edward Gorey

Edward Lear, a contemporary of Lewis Carroll, helped pave the way for the popularity of literary nonsense. We remember him for such works as Book of Nonsense, Nonsense Alphabets, and Nonsense Botany. He is also said to have doted on his cat. So it’s no surprise that Edward Gorey was a fan. This edition of Mr. Lear’s The Jumblies ($15) is illustrated by Mr. Gorey himself. It was one of Gorey’s favorites, and he dedicated his drawings to Lear’s cat.

Price: $15 (Buy Now)
Source: Amazon.com