The Walt Whitman “Resist Much, Obey Little” Sticker

Walt Whitman Sticker: Resist much, obey little

And now, a lovely bit of anarchy. We’ll spare you the analysis and historical context of this particular Walt Whitman quote, and whether or not you would be taking it out of said context by affixing these to grocery store shelves and park benches all over town (really? a park bench?). And we’re going to spare you all of that because listen: sometimes the (slightly) nerdy girl in your life needs to know that YOU know how to have a romping good time. Slumbering Americans, we present for your perusal: The Walt Whitman “Resist Much, Obey Little” Sticker ($3).

Price: $3 (Buy Now)
Source: Words I Give By

Kurt Vonnegut Zippo

Kurt Vonnegut Zippo

We look at a lot of Kurt Vonnegut-inspired “art” here, but much of it lacks the YES! HOLY SHIT!! factor this Kurt Vonnegut Zippo ($27) possesses. Featuring the beloved and famous Slaughterhouse Five illustration of the epitaph “Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt” by Vonnegut himself, this is a Genuine High Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter, complete with the traditional Made in the USA promise and the lifetime Zippo warranty. We’re not recommending that you smoke, but we do recommend that you’re always ready to light a fire.

Price: $27 (Buy Now)
Source: Knot Lot

Cthulhu’s Lantern Block Print

Cthulhu's Lantern Block Print

The editorial review process for She Likes Brains is sometimes a groaning, laborious one. However, this Cthulhu’s Lantern Block Print ($20) immediately jumped out as a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL – and underpriced! – must-have for the (slightly) nerdy people we know. This print is part of a limited edition run originally available only through the RAW Artists Nashville Event last October, and the artist is selling the handful of remaining prints on Etsy. The print features a hand-carved and hand-painted design on 12.5 x 19 inch cover stock. Get it while it’s hot – they’re almost gone.

Price: $20 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Bartlet for President Screen Print

West Wing Print: Bartlet for President

Enjoying the recent availability of The West Wing for streaming on Netflix? You may want to make two purchases right away: First – if you don’t already own one – your very own copy of the U.S. Constitution. And second, this signed and numbered limited edition two-color Bartlet for President Screen Print ($65). A fan in the UK made 100 of these prints on high quality, acid-free 220 gsm Fabriano Rosaspina art stock. Measuring approximately 20″ x 28″, the print will serve as a great conversation piece when you’re not busy working your way through the 156 episodes of awesome now at your beck and call.

Price: $65 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

She’s My Rushmore

She's My Rushmore

It’s a profound statement, in a wonderfully silly Wes Anderson sort of way: “She’s My Rushmore.” And here, suitable for framing, is a rather minimalist 8 x 10 inch Herman Blume Rushmore print ($10) from Etsy seller Michael Rogers. You’ve got your quote, your attribution, and your partial profile of Bill Murray as Herman Blume. It’s a simple print, and not particularly large, but we think it’s pretty awesome.

Price: $10 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Tebowing Robot

Tebowing Robot

Whether or not “Tebowing” has run its course as a meme, this is one seriously cute robot. Donna Provo Leuck is an artist and avid recycler, and her Tebowing Robot ($140) is a one-of-a-kind sculpture made from 99% recycled materials. He stands 8 inches tall and is 10 inches wide at the base. Leuck began making her awesome – and (slightly) nerdy – robot sculptures after recovering from an accident in 2003 during which she shattered both of her wrists. We are very moved.

Price: $140 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

The Birth of Cthulhu

The Birth of Cthulhu art print

Few H.P. Lovecraft-inspired art prints have made us do such a gleeful double-take as did The Birth of Cthulhu ($3-$65). Created by the talented illustrator Cyril van der Haegen, this work is essentially an imagining of how Lovecraft came to invent the universe in which his stories take place. It’s something of a Keyser Söze moment, to be sure. And you can read a complete list of all of the Söze-like clues here. You’ll want to check them out, and then you’ll probably want to curl up somewhere with your copy of Necronomicon, after which point you may drift off to sleep and dream strange and fascinating dreams, and then you’ll awake and buy this print.

Price: $3-$65 (Buy Now)
Source: Imagined Interprises

The Pandorica: Soap on a Rope

Pandorica soap - Doctor Who

There’s a lot of fairly cheesy Doctor Who paraphernalia out there. Believe us – we’ve been looking. But then we stumbled upon The Pandorica Soap on a Rope ($7) from Geeky Clean. This tribute to the BBC show is handmade and kind of freaking awesome. The soap is custard-scented, but you may prefer to use this for decorative purposes rather than your daily shower regimen. Hand-detailed and weighing about 11.5 ounces, it’s also vegan friendly.

Where the Wild Things Are Globe

Where the Wild Things Are globe

Bay Area artist Wendy Gold goes scouting around for vintage globes – current geographical accuracy be damned – at flea markets, vintage stores, and who-knows-where. And then she turns them into something marvelous. In this case, a made-to-order Where the Wild Things Are Globe ($450). Each globe is unique, and you’ll be granted some input into the creative process – at least insofar as globe size and the color palette you’re trying to match. There seems to be high demand for her work, so you can expect a 6-8 week lead time on the one you purchase.

Mr. Bill Murray Wheatpaste Poster

Bill Murray wheatpaste poster

We’re not recommending that you engage in acts of graffiti, because that’s just illegal, but you have to admit that the Mr. Bill Murray Wheatpaste Poster ($10) is a pretty damn awesome idea. They’re printed on newsprint paper measuring nearly 2 x 3 feet, and we can think of many wonderful – and perfectly legal – uses for these. Wheatpaste not included, and please decorate responsibly.