Vintage Anatomy Pull-Down Chart Reproduction: Brains

Vintage anatomy poster: brains

Whether you’re a student of anatomy or a lover of the macabre, a Baton Rouge-based company specializing in quirky vintage print reproductions may come in handy when you’re searching for wall decor. Pictured here is the Vintage Anatomy Pull Down Chart Reproduction: Brains ($50). The pull-down aspect is fake (or: faux), although the 14″ x 17.5″ poster is printed on textured canvas and the trim is made of dark-stained wood. No framing is required – all you need to display this on your wall is a nail or hook.

Price: $50 (Buy Now)
Source: Curious Prints

Periodic Table Cutting Board

Periodic table cutting board

If the (slightly) nerdy girl in your life loves science and likes to cook – or at least is in dire need of something other than a plate on which to dice the occasional onion – look no further than the Periodic Table Engraved Wood Cutting Board ($55). Measuring 11.5 x 15.5 inches and available in maple, white oak, walnut, and beech, this cutting board is shipped already gift-wrapped in poly lined “kraft” paper and bound with twine. And here’s a fun, nerdy bit: you get to personalize the 118th element Ununoctium, if it pleases you. Be sure to give yourself a little lead time when ordering as these are crafted to order.

Price: $55 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Bookcase Bed

Bookcase bed

One can tell a great deal about a person by the books kept in their bedroom. Oh, the home library may be filled with delicious reference books, requisite classics, and the best modern writing available, but the books that get to live in the bedroom are generally the books closest to the reader’s heart. Display those in style with the American Drew Tribecca Queen Bookcase Bed ($1,370). Accent lighting, sliding doors, and a design drawing heavily on Art Deco and Asian influences work together to create a stylish bibliophile’s resting place. We suppose you could put a lot of statues and vases on the shelves like the promotional photo, but we’d put way more books.

Price: $1,370 (Buy Now)
Source: Home Click

Police Box Shower Curtain

Doctor Who Tardis Shower Curtain

And now the die-hard Whovian in your life can own a $75 shower curtain. Okay, there’s a reason the Police Box Shower Curtain ($75) bears a heftier price tag than the understated print curtain currently adorning your tub. It’s hand-painted. Yes folks, this must-have design is hand-painted onto a standard-sized, waterproof, mildew-resistant, 100% polyester fabric — with the usual 12 shower curtain holes. Also, customization is available. We think shower curtain silhouettes are cool in a sort of spooky, are-you-my-mummy kind of way, because there’s nothing quite like being startled with soap in your eyes because you forgot there was a silhouette on your shower curtain.

Price: $75 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

(Slightly) Nerdy Holiday Tree Ornaments

(Slightly) Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is expanding our ever-growing selection of (slightly) nerdy holiday tree ornaments.

Official Doctor Who Ornament ($18). Pokemon Ball ($3). Wuthering Heights Ornament ($28). UFO ($20). Petri Dish ($18). Video Game Controller Ornament Set ($20). Disney’s “Star Wars” Holiday Ornament Set ($40). TARDIS ($8). Retro Science Fiction Ray Gun ($20). Star Trek Shirt ($16). Word Nerd Ornament ($10). Hand-Painted Nebula ($25).

No Place Like

No Place Like

If you’re confused, sorry. In English it means, “There’s no place like localhost.” See, if you’re using a loopback interface… ah, nevermind. Measuring 2′ x 3′, this door/floor mat with the phrase “There’s No Place Like″ ($40) is perfect for use either indoors or out. Just be careful, because if you put this outside your apartment door, your neighbors might start coming to you with all of their computer questions. And then you’ll have to get a new one that says: “RTFM, dudes.”

Price: $40 (Buy Now)
Source: ThinkGeek

Pacman Pillow Cushions

Pacman pillow cushion

We at She Likes Brains believe that all couches become more awesome with Pacman pillow cushions. Even a hand-me-down couch whose teal corduroy upholstery is disguised by an awkwardly draped bed sheet. An Etsy shop called Star Gallery offers the pair: Pacman ($80; pictured here) and Ghost ($80). These hand-crafted pillows are made from synthetic velvet fabric and are stuffed with polyester filling. Pacman and Ghost are sold separately, although they belong together on your couch.

Price: $80 each (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Miniature Library of Forgotten Books

Miniature Library of Forgotten Books

What in the wide, wide world of sports? From L. Delaney Miniatures comes an incredibly detailed, heart-stopping, lust-worthy labor of love: The Miniature Library of Forgotten Books ($975). With over 400 moveable pieces, this one-of-a-kind set is designed to be infinitely rearrange-able. It includes velvet curtains, over 300 books, an antique bust of Queen Victoria, parchments, blueprints, a ladder, wooden crates, and a candelabra. The bookshelf measures 9.5 inches across and 7.5 inches tall.

Price: $975 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Radcliffe Camera Bookends

Radcliffe Camera bookends

J.R.R. Tolkien reportedly remarked that the octagonal Radcliffe Camera, a famous Oxford landmark and a wondrous library, bears a resemblance to Sauron’s temple to Morgoth on Numenor. Architectural model-maker Timothy Richards used copies of the building’s original plans to create The Radcliffe Camera Bookends ($480). Weighing around 11 pounds and standing nearly a foot tall, this beautiful piece would be an awesome addition to a serious home library. [Via]

Price: $480 (Buy Now)
Source: Artist Website

Custom Wood Bath Caddy

Custom wood bath caddy

There are three secrets to the perfect after-work soak. First, someone else should draw the bath for you – someone who has the capacity to balance the temperature just so. Second, you must be able to enter the tub without getting your hands wet. And third, you must have the essentials on-hand and dry: a book, a cup of tea or glass of wine, and perhaps a candle. For the third part, a custom-made Wood Bath Caddy ($125 CAD; Approximately $125 USD) from Etsy store Blisscraft & Blazen will do the job with class. The woodworker will discuss reclaimed wood options and how to measure your tub for the perfect fit. Now go and enjoy – it’s okay to be selfish for a little while each day.

Price: $125 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy