A Geometric USB Drive in Walnut

Wood flash drive

Eventually all of our flash drives will lie forgotten at the bottoms of laptop bags like stray sticks of chewing gum with just a little too much lint, but in the meantime they’re still a handy way to transport chunks of data from device to device. There will always be those among us who need something more powerful, but in terms of style you can’t beat the Geometric USB Drive in Walnut ($34), also known as “The Echo” no. 1. Each 2GB drive features a magnetized cap and is painted with your choice of neon, coral, gold, or seafoam. These drives are beautiful and minimalistic – the way we like our technology.

Price: $34 (Buy Now)
Source: Son of a Sailor Supply

A Smiths Dress

The Smiths dress

In a North Hollywood-based Etsy shop called Vera’s Eye Candy we found these three magical dresses and spilled our morning caffeine all over the keyboard. The dresses are altered from 100% cotton men’s t-shirts, are mind-blowingly awesome, and are available in sizes x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. And, since they’re handmade to order, you can request measurement customizations.

Pictured here, from left to right:

The Smiths with Blue Peter Pan Collar ($54). Meat is Murder Dress ($54). The Smiths with White Peter Pan Collar ($54).

Hardcover Silhouette Earrings

Book Siilhouette Earrings

Like the idea of book earrings but want a more streamlined design? So did we. And then we found Aroha Silhouettes’ Hardcover Silhouette Earrings ($55). Made from stainless steel with a matte black powder finish, these sleek earrings measure 1.2 x 1.4 inches at their widest points, yet they are given the perception of depth by optical illusion. Proudly display your love for books even when you’re wearing a cocktail dress.

Price: $55 (Buy Now)
Source: Aroha Silhouettes

Literary T-Shirts

Literary T-Shirts

There’s a little company based in New York called Out of Print Clothing, and their mission is to spread the joy of reading through t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and other accessories. Featuring iconic – and often out of print – book covers, their products caught our eye and we dallied around their website and decided we really, really liked this group of book nerds. Their website even has a bookshelf page, offering a peek at what their staff is currently reading, plans to read next, and has just completed reading. Pictured here are the Slaughterhouse Five T-Shirt ($28, above left) featuring a first edition dust jacket design by Paul Bacon, and the Atlas Shrugged T-Shirt ($28, above right) from the first edition cover by George Salter. We know more than one bibliophile who will be delighted to see this.

Price: $28 (Buy Now)
Source: Out of Print Clothing

R2-D2 Apron

R2-D2 Apron

We love it when nerdy meets stylish. For the (slightly) nerdy pastry chef in your life, Haute Mess Threads offers this splendid Star Wars-inspired R2-D2 Apron ($75). The aprons are made to order from 100% white cotton, and the design features black bows, royal blue accents, and adjustable halter straps.

Price: $75 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

Mad Friends T-Shirt

Mad Hatter t-shirt

And here’s another gift for the (slightly) nerdy lover of literary nonsense. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Mad Friends t-shirt ($24) takes a more fiendish approach to the Mad Hatter and company. This t-shirt design is from the delightful illustrator Jesse E. Larson, whose playfully dark work is hopefully the sign of wonderful things to come, and not merely a case of sheer madness.

Price: $24 (Buy Now)
Source: RedBubble

Tell-Tale Heart Bracelet

Tell-Tale Heart bracelet

Etsy seller Azuree Rocha is a self-professed gamer, and her shop is filled with (slightly) nerdy treasures that won’t break your bank. We were especially drawn to this piece for the Edgar Allen Poe fan: The Tell-Tale Heart Bracelet ($15). The bracelet’s cameo displays a suitably dark anatomical heart – perhaps not so dark as to cause one madness, but foreboding enough to be quite fetching.

Price: $15 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy

The Book Was Better

The Book Was Better t-shirt

How many times have these words escaped your lips the second the screen faded to black and the credits began to roll? It’s a simple sentiment, but this “The Book Was Better” t-shirt ($20) speaks volumes. And now, having seen this shirt, we’re reminded of how much we really just want to spend today curled up with a good book. Oh, and a nice thunderstorm. For ambiance.

Price: $20 (Buy Now)
Source: ThinkGeek

Hand-Painted Heels

Hand-painted Star Wars shoes

Jilliann Silva wants to paint your shoes. You can choose virtually any theme, including Star Wars (pictured here), comic books, movies, bands, and folk art. Through her Etsy store, East Bay California, she offers Custom Hand-Painted Heels ($219; Shoes Not Included). Silva’s painting technique is durable, although she recommends that you select shoes made of canvas, suede, faux suede, or velvet. You mail her the shoes, and she paints them. Voilà!

Price: $219 (Buy Now)
Source: Etsy