Curated Music & Food Pairings

Turntable Kitchen

Be your intentions romantic or purely platonic, the Pairings Box ($25) from Turntable Kitchen is a gift that combines two of life’s greatest pleasures: food and music. Turntable Kitchen is a website that was launched by a San Francisco couple with the intention of introducing food lovers to music and music lovers to food. The Pairings Box subscription is a recent addition to their website, and each box includes pairing and tasting notes, a 7-inch vinyl single, an access code to a digital mixtape, a collection of three original recipes, and 1-2 premium dried ingredients to help you make the recipes. Choose from a 1 month or 3 month gift subscription. (Photo courtesy of Turntable Kitchen.)

Tea of the Month Subscription

Design a Tea

It wouldn’t matter what kind of website we were writing – we could be writing instead about celebrity sightings or whale-watching or the Dewey Decimal System or… anything, really. But eventually we would have found an excuse to bring attention to the super-awesome Design a Tea. We first discovered them in 2008 and, well, the customer service has been so extraordinary and so personal that we no longer buy tea from anyone else. We don’t do reviews here, so this isn’t a review. It is, however, an unabashed fan letter. And how exactly does this apply to you, dear reader? Well, Design a Tea now offers a Tea of the Month subscription for 1 year ($135), which is an awesome gift idea for the (slightly) nerdy girl in your life. We hope you’ll try them out – if not for this than perhaps for some other purchase – and we hope that you’ll enjoy the same level of service we’ve enjoyed. Tell ‘em that we sent you…

Art in the Mail Subscription for $5 a Month

Papirmasse Art Subscription

A magazine subscription is a nice enough gift, but what about a subscription for art prints? Papirmasse ($60 a year) presents a unique gift idea: A new art print in her mailbox each month. On the back of each issue is a collection of writing – be it poems, short stories, essays, or graphic novel excerpts. When she’s finished reading the issue, she can hang the print on her wall. As an awesome bonus, once you order her gift subscription they’ll send her a card letting her know that you bought it for her.